Sunday, March 28, 2010

Amanda's Wedding

West Point

This was a wedding I did back in July of 2004. I felt privileged to work with the bride. Amanda and her husband Jake, (a helicopter pilot) were both officers in the U.S army, and had just completed a tour in Iraq. I will never forget how happy they were. Just thinking about their story; after years of continuously being deployed to different places around the globe, facing life threatening situations daily, finally able to be together on their wedding day, still forms a lump in my throat.

West Point Wedding Flowers - Bridal Bouquet

Isn't she just the picture of radiance? She is carrying a lush bouquet of Esperanza roses and white hydrangea.

The centerpieces were simple yet elegant. When working on a budget , I think it is always a wise choice to select a few show stopping stems, rather than a bunch of inferior ones. This idea would also work well with peonies, dinner plate dahlias, or Casablanca lilies.

The view of the beautiful Hudson Valley in the background

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