Sunday, August 29, 2010

Test Drive

I like to offer a complimentary sample centerpiece. Having a visual reference is the best way to make decisions, changes, or simply to become excited about your wedding day florals. Ten times out of ten, the centerpieces are better than the sample, because everything is custom ordered at least 4 weeks in advance. This allows the wholesale distributors enough time to go out on a limb for the designers if need be - sourcing from local farms, auction houses in Holland, growers from California, South America, New Zealand, Thailand, and France. There are other sources I know I have forgotten to include, but you get the picture.

This wedding will take place in April, and will include some spring flowers that are not in season now, but the colors and texture will be similair. We will also be adding beautiful mercury glass pillars, lace, and vintage pieces throughout the cocktail area and reception. I can't wait!!!!!

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Another Rainy Day

Just a little something to brighten up yet another rainy day in upstate New York. This little number is designed in a silver mint julep cup. Perhaps this post would have been more appropriate the week of the Kentucky Derby, but the Travers is big time, and takes place in our own backyard. I had the luxury of watching the races trackside at the Rail Pavilion with my husband last week. We are by no means gamblers, but we did place some $2 bets, and managed to come home $15 richer woo wee! The Travers Festival is taking place all this week in Saratoga, if it ever stops raining, I just may have to take another trip.

I had to sneak some mint in there since it is a mint julep cup after all. Some of the other  flowers include local pink hydrangea and gypsy dianthus.

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Cape Cod...Where no flower is an island…

Flowers abound on Cape Cod. No matter where you look, every cranny and nook are chock full of beautiful flowers! Not even the traffic islands in the town of Eastham are without flowers. Here in this portion of the Outer Cape, magnificent islands of mostly flowers and a few evergreens (often trimmed with beach d├ęcor such as sand pails, shovels and seashells) can be found along Route 6 and around town.

The many flowerbeds (19 in all according to the 2010 Eastham guidebook published by the Eastham Chamber of Commerce, are lovingly planted and cared for by over 160 volunteers from the Eastham Forum ( Each flower island is marked with a little blue sign depicting a yellow flower and the acronym, E.F.F.I., which stands for Eastham Forum Flower Islands. Even without the telltale sign, these amazing flowerbeds would be hard to miss! Take a look….

A colorful flowerbed decorating a very busy intersection.

Close up of flowerbed, with a rainbow of giant zinnias in bloom.

The telltale E.F.F.I. sign.

PS - even though the Cape is outside my normal territory, I do have a studio space in Eastham. If the opportunity arises to be a destination wedding florist, well then I say the more time I can spend on the Cape, the better!

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Paul Revere, not just a Midnight Rider

Way, way, back in history.....The House of Representatives sent a letter to each of the colonies criticizing King George III and his policy of "Taxation Without Representation". The British Ministry demanded the letter be rescinded. A brave step was taken, and a vote was cast NOT to rescind the letter. In June of 1768, Paul Revere (an amazing silver smith) was commissioned by The Sons of Liberty (a colonial secret society) to hammer up a silver bowl. The original "Liberty Bowl" was engraved with names of the men who voted against the British crown. The original is on display at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. ...What!? don't need a history lesson? Okay, but before I dismiss class, here is a fun summer arrangement designed in a reproduction Revere bowl.

Hydrangeas, dianthus, anemones, (just starting to make their way back to market), and gomphrena.

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