Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Another Rainy Day

Just a little something to brighten up yet another rainy day in upstate New York. This little number is designed in a silver mint julep cup. Perhaps this post would have been more appropriate the week of the Kentucky Derby, but the Travers is big time, and takes place in our own backyard. I had the luxury of watching the races trackside at the Rail Pavilion with my husband last week. We are by no means gamblers, but we did place some $2 bets, and managed to come home $15 richer woo wee! The Travers Festival is taking place all this week in Saratoga, if it ever stops raining, I just may have to take another trip.

I had to sneak some mint in there since it is a mint julep cup after all. Some of the other  flowers include local pink hydrangea and gypsy dianthus.

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