Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Every floral shop and designer has his or her own distinct look, or something that makes them special or unique. So this leaves me asking myself, what defines my work? What makes me different? How would people describe my work? You will have to get back to me...

I know I am not cookie cutter; ordinary makes me cringe. I love unusual materials, so much so that I am willing to grow them and nurture them over an extended period of time to achieve a certain look. I love designing in antique containers and have spent countless hours scouring antique stores and eBay to find just the right vessel. I am a meticulous researcher. I really want my couples to have a perfect wedding; and not just the flowers - I love to help concerning all details if needed. To say I am passionate about my work is an understatement. I feel extremely lucky to do what I love.

This is an old coal bucket my Mom and I found in a little place in Brewster, MA. I immediately saw it's potential to hold overflowing rustic flora and fauna.

Lilacs from my garden.

Rare summer anemones, hydrangea and coleus from my garden in a vintage mason jar.

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  1. You're so lucky to have been blessed with a rich flower garden. The decoration and flower arrangement is also fab. Given that, I think you should have your own flower shop and perhaps have your own flower delivery in Subiaco because you do have a talent with flower arrangement.