Sunday, May 22, 2011

Big day for a little Splendido

This past weekend my oldest daughter made her First Communion. This was such a great day, and we are so proud of our girl!!!

I made her a lovely bouquet of lily of the valley, pink astilbe, and surprise surprise...hydrangea!

The photos were taken in Schenectady's Central Park. There are so many great spots to take photos here to mark special occasions. This little bridge, the rose garden, and some very cool looking crumbling stairs. I was so happy to find a simple cotton dress, after taking her to try on 22 different fancy and heavy small bridal gowns. Thank you Crew Cuts. I think their parent company should make an adult version.  I loved the cotton pleats, and my daughter loved the pockets!

Just a few arrangements I made in vintage transfer ware containers. I think this one in the gravy boat is my favorite.

Congrats sweetheart!

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