Friday, August 5, 2011

Cape Cod Hydrangeas are the Best!

I have had an amazing week on the Cape! Anyone who knows me, is fully aware that Cape Cod is my favorite place on earth. The hydrangeas  (my favorites) grow in abundance, and put on quite the show displaying many shades and varieties. They simply take my breathe away.


One of my favorite hydrangea bushes, located  in front of a coffee shop on Main Street in Chatham.

Attempting to get a Christmas card picture is not always easy.

But sometimes I get lucky.

All varieties of hydrangeas flourish in the naturally occurring sandy soil of Cape Cod. Here is a lovely Lace Cap Hydrangea bush across the street from my family home in Eastham.

Lovely pink and purple hydrangeas. I made John stop the car on a busy road in Harwichport. Traffic started to pool behind us, so I hopped out and hoofed it.  This seemed like a great idea until I realized I was barefoot on hot pavement - ouchies!!! Oh well, anything for beauty's sake, right?

If you are are considering a destination wedding in Cape Cod, I can travel! The more time I get to spend on the Cape the better!

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  1. This makes me wish I didn't rip out my hydrangea bush (this involved an SUV, a hitch and a chain) many years ago ...