Tuesday, August 16, 2011

One Busy Summer

This summer has been flying by! I have been a very busy girl. I am not complaining, but rather trying to make excuses for my lack of attention to my blog  ; ) .   Let's see so far I have been...

Meeting with clients to look at their mock ups and writing many proposals for prospective 2012 brides.

Stripping paint, but I think this project will be blog worthy on its own after completion.

Exploring the woods with my new puppy...

Yes, she is a BIG puppy!

Sadly watching my favorites from the garden start to expire. My hydrangeas exploded with blooms!

Cursing myself for planting this trumpet vine so close to my house. Pretty, but not worth a new paint job.

                       sacrificing my hanging baskets to a new House Finch family.  Well worth it.

I have also been plagued with self pity. I injured my leg while training for a Marathon taking place in October, and had to take four weeks off. I plan on running the half - hopefully.

Then of course there was our annual vacation to the Cape. This year my husband and I celebrated our 10th Wedding Anniversary on the same beach we got engaged on...

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