Friday, November 11, 2011

Lucky Me

Wow! I have been having a great week! I am working on a beautiful wedding for 11-11-11, and I met my flower hero - Ariella Chezar (I felt like a little kid meeting Cinderella in Disney) !!! I felt tongue tied, awestruck. Her work is a constant source of inspiration for me, and her book Flowers for the Table is in my Top 3 of my flower library. If you haven't seen her work, you just have to take a peek . She was very nice and gracious while I sputtered my words. Okay, I have to stop gushing - still flabbergasted : ) .

Things are slowing down, well sort of now that wedding season 2011 is over. This winter, I will be busy planning away and sourcing material for the 2012 season. For those of you who have worked with me before, you know how crazy I get to make sure the whole design is seamless - I love the entire creative process, and bringing a clients vision to life (or their mothers : )). Really, I don't just cut up flowers and plunk them in a vase the day before and that's all she wrote. I plan each event thoughtfully and carefully - the #1 reason I only take one full service event per week. I just can't justify short changing a couple to make more $$$. Maybe not smart business wise, but floral design it is a lot of work physically.

These nut jobs keep my pretty busy too. To say that life is a balancing act is an understatement. But for all the things you are passionate about in life, time is simply created. For me - family (dog included), flowers, and running just work together. I feel very fortunate.

These were taken at the Mass Audubon in Wellfleet. Makes me really miss my garden. Hopefully this winter in upstate New York will not be cruel.... I know, I'm laughing too, but I can dream.

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