Monday, November 7, 2011

Bridal Bouquets - Just My Two Cents

Sorry for my long absence, I have been caught up in the back to school, trick-or-treat Mommy rat race for the past month. Yes, it is fun to be part of that race - feels like I am finally in the lead for once : )!!! Okay, I am not going to talk about my wonderful family or hectic schedule anymore - but the topic does come up often.

Back in flower mode, I wanted to share some of my thoughts on bridal bouquets. For me, it is the single most important floral aspect of a wedding. The bouquet is a MAJOR accessory, and it should compliment your gown (yes I must see a picture of your gown before giving my two cents on what type of bouquet would work best) and reflect your personality. Some things to consider are: season, color, and size (it should be scaled to your proportions). However, I do love large lush bouquets - it is your only time to have one right? Right????

You are probably thinking, what about the budget? When asked, I will always tell a future bride that this is the area not to skimp - if possible. The bouquet will be featured in almost all of your wedding pictures and will most likely be in the wedding portrait that will hang on a wall in your home FOREVER. No doubt the other florals will be memorable, but it is unlikely you will hang a picture of your centerpiece or bridesmaid bouquets in your living room. My mother always looks at hers (42 years later) and is still upset that she settled on carnations to cut costs. I am not saying that you should go ahead and drop $500 - but to simply go ahead and treat yourself. What is reasonable? I would say anywhere from $150 and up. Just my opinion and I am sure other florists will tell you differently - but remember the quality of the blooms and the experience of the designer is highly important. The old adage "you get what you pay for" could also be translated here to "You get WHO you pay for."

When designing a wedding, I save the bridal bouquet for the very last (I love saving the best of everything in life for the last). The blooms have been carefully hand selected and brought to their peak. Everyone knows when I am ready to design a bouquet, because they are not allowed to step foot near me or utter a word until its completion. I can be a bit of a diva like that. I really do put my all into these beauties and never settle until it is absolutely perfect for the bride. I am pretty hard on myself in general, so my character "flaw" pays off in this department.

I will leave you with some lovelies.

White Peony Bridal Bouqet - Splendid Stems Floral Designs

White Peony Bridal Bouqet - Splendid Stems Floral Designs

White rose, hydrangea & lily of the valley bridal bouquet - Splendid Stems Floral Designs

Phalaenopsis orchid, calla lily bridal bouquet - Splendid Stems Floral Designs

Colorful peony and rose bridal bouquet - Splendid Stems Floral Designs

Wedding Something Blue Bridal Bouquet - Splendid Stems Floral Designs

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  1. Is that my bouquet on top? It kind of looks like it.
    Even if it isn't, I love it because I see peonies in there ...

  2. Yes that is your bouquet!!! I don't think ant one picture could ever do it justice. I had a future bride email me asking about " The Kristi" - maybe I should name them like gown designers : ) .