Thursday, May 24, 2012

As Seen In...

I am excited to be able to say:

The Spring & Summer 2012 issue of WellWed New York

The above is the cover of the magazine (more like a book) on the news stands now. Unfortunately that is not one of mine on the cover, but some day! I believe in giving credit where credit is due - the cover features a beautiful bouquet from Dandeneau Flowers and the photo is from Brea McDonald.

Here is it - page 157 (this picture also appears among the contents on Page 6). OK so it may not be a full featured article with my designs, but it's a honor and a great start none-the-less! In the lower left hand corner is one of my bride's (and a friend). It is easy to see why they included Kristi in their magazine. She looks stunning with her gorgeous gown, chic lacy parasol and of course I am a big fan of her "posh" bouquet of peonies! Clark and Walker gets the credit for the photo.

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