Friday, July 13, 2012

Oh How I Wish It would Rain..

Yes, I am singing the Phil Collin's song at the tippy top of my lungs!!!! It is so hot outside, I can barely stand it. Most of my garden is in a sad state. A while back I had so much hope for my new plants. All I can do is say some gibberish and do a rain dance, and... understand that I can not control the weather. Now I am stamping my feet like my little ones do when they are about to go over the edge..... ahhh!!!!!

Some of it it is hanging on.  My prize hydrangeas are pathetic, so I won't even share pictures of them yet.

                                             Me standing in a puddle, eons ago.

This weekend I will be spending time at our town pool -still in shock that I do not have to be in the baby section- , going on site visits, running 12 miles, and breaking bread with wonderful friends. Lastly I will be weeding, and devising ways to rid my yard of  chipmunk craziness. They are starting to breed with the squirrels along the Mohawk River or... the heat is starting to turn my brain to mush.

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