Friday, February 1, 2013

The Knot New York Magazine Feature (x's 2)

Hello! Happy February! Yesterday I picked up a copy of The Knot New York magazine, (okay, two copies) because photographer extraordinaire Carmen Santorelli let me know that a bouquet from a collaborative photo shoot was going to be featured. Yay! I flipped the pages quick yesterday at the book store, and spotted it quickly in this nice feature on the color pink. I normally get up before 5am and start my morning workout routine, but decided to postpone it and enjoy the quiet house with my cup of coffee. I picked up the magazine, and began browsing. Oooing and ahhing over every real wedding featured.

Turning the pages, I stumbled upon one that looked familiar - Bianca and Stephen's wedding at the Highlands Club in Garrison!!!!! They are such a beautiful and special couple! I must say, it was a very pleasant surprise!

After I shared it with John, I couldn't help but wake up my sister and parents to share my news. They must really love me, because it was early!!!!!

The stunning photos were taken by another amazing and one of my favorite photographers, Caroline Frost. You can see more of this wedding on my blog, Frost Photography, and Style Me Pretty.

The Knot Spring/Summer 2013
on newsstands until April 1st.
(that's no joke)

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