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 review with photos of her wedding flowers
on her Times Union On the Edge blog.

"We" just wanted to send you a quick email before we take off 
for our honeymoon to thank you so so much for the 
INCREDIBLE flowers. Oh. My. God.
Absolutely gorgeous!! You are truly amazing!! 
Thank you for everything! Our wedding day
 was absolutely perfect and we had a wonderful time!
Ps. Our guests were also raving about the displays! 
Bride - June 2015
Riverstone Manor - Scotia, NY

Words cannot express how grateful we are for all 
your work and support on our daughter's wedding! 
The flowers and decor went beyond our wildest 
dreams...the compliments are still coming in.
Mother of the Bride - May 2015
Wedding at The Sagamore - Saratoga, NY 

 The bouquet(s) were insanely beautiful, Vince loved the 
boutonnieres, and I know that my guests were very, very 
 impressed with the centerpieces. It was all absolutely
 perfect and you and your husband only added to the 
excitement of the day. 
Bride - November 2014
Wedding at The Roundhouse - Beacon, NY

I work in events and see arrangements all the time. 
I put my trust in Karen and her team and they surpassed 
my expectations. The flowers were gorgeous!!! I wish 
I could have saved them forever! Thank goodness for photos :). 
Karen loves what she does and she does a great job. 
Bride - October 2014
Wedding at the The Garrison - Garrison, NY
I just wanted to say a whole-hearted THANK YOU 
for all your hard work on our wedding flowers.
My wedding bouquet, in particular, was a dream come true. 
That's the only way to describe it. It is exactly what I had wanted. 
We loved all the centerpieces also and the two urns framed 
our sweetheart table beautifully : )
I had trusted you from the first moment we met 
and you delivered above and beyond. You were 
wonderful to work with. You are truly an artist 
and I'm so thankful again, for all your hard work.
Bride - September 2014
Wedding at The Highlands Clubs - Garrison, NY

When John and I decided we were going to have a
destination wedding in one of our favorite get-away towns,
we knew that everything had to match the grand scale of the
natural beauty and splendor of Lake Placid, NY. I also knew
that the florist, the flowers and decor would have to match
not only the sophisticated yet rustic scale of the space
(Whiteface Lodge ) but also our own desire to keep things
simple yet classy.

That said, Karen Splendido from Splendid Stems came to
mind immediately. Karen is a mom to 3 spectacular kiddos,
2 of whom I was lucky enough to teach during my time in
Niskayuna NY. Having gotten to know her sense of style
and easy-going personality, I knew she would be perfect.
After our initial meeting, I knew Karan got my “vibe” and
had a very clear picture in mind of what I hoped for as
well as the perfect suggestions and additions to enhance
what I imagined.

What started off as me simply saying “pale pink with hints
of light green and a more natural but still classy look” began
to take shape. Karen complemented the overall  palette with
beautiful bouquets that were sophisticated yet understated
in their own way. There was not a hint of glitter or shimmer,
but every arrangement, bouquet, boutonniere, etc. …all had
their own “sparkle” that stood out throughout the day. As a
designer, Karen completely highlighted her skills with
beautiful flowers that enhanced the day without overwhelming
or competing with the natural beauty of the great outdoors.

The day of my wedding, August 1, 2014, Karen drove from her
studio in Niskayuna, NY to Lake Placid to present me with my
bouquet while I was getting ready with my bridal party. I was
overwhelmed with the intimacy of her personal touch and the
beauty I was given in an assortment of colors–ivory, white, light
pink, blush, some pale peach tones, and hints of yellows and
greens. The colors were perfect and even more beautiful than
I had imagined. At the last minute, Karen wrapped my bouquet
with a piece of ribbon and handed over to me the accent piece
I was waiting for to complete my ensemble. Finally, it all felt
right.  Here comes the bride!
Bride - August 2014 

Wedding at The Whiteface Lodge - Lake Placid, NY
What a gift to have you prepare & design our flowers 
for our wedding day. I am so thankful for the time 
you spent getting to know our style/preference. 
You have a beautiful eye & are so talented.
Bride - August 2014
Wedding at The Whiteface Lodge - Lake Placid, NY

Just wanted write you a quick note to say thank you for 
all the beautiful flower arrangements at our wedding. 
Everything was just perfect and exactly what we wanted. 
You are so talented and have a gift for making everyone 
so comfortable with the process. We were truly blessed 
to have worked with you. 
Bride  - June 2013
Wedding at the B&B Ranch - Cooperstown, NY

Once again...Thank you for the amazing flowers!
Your designs are absolutely gorgeous.
You made the wedding!!
Mother of the Bride - September 2012
Wedding at the Crooked Lake House - Averil Park, NY

I just wanted to tell you how Absolutely beautiful my flowers were. 
I'm so sorry if you weren't able to tell how pleased I was. 
I actually was so happy I began to cry, but I don't like getting
 mushy so I had to kind of walk away... ...I actually couldn't stopped
 talking about them. They were Everything and more of what I had
 envisioned.  All of the girls bouquets were perfect and all the peonies
 in mine made me over the moon. I feel like you read my mind. 
Aaah I am still on a high!!!!
 Bride - May 2012
Wedding at Glen Sanders Mansion - Schenectady, NY

Karen! You are brilliant. We had the most amazing 
wedding, and your flowers were absolutely stunning!!!  
I just checked out your blog and you are such a busy 
woman, and posted such lovely photos from our 
wedding.  Thanks a million for EVERYTHING!  
I wish we could continue to work together on flowers. 
Bride - March 2012
Wedding at Franklin Plaza - Troy, NY

Thank you so much Karen. I can't even begin to tell you
how amazing it was working with you. Everyone LOVED
the bouquets. Working with you was the least stressful
part of our wedding. Thanks again :-)
Bride - September 2011

Thank you for coming out again to our 2nd annual
block party here on Euclid Avenue last Saturday.
I hope you and your family had a good time.
It was so generous of you to donate your time and
knowledge to those who participated in the bouquet
tying demonstration--the final arrangements were so
artful!!!! Thanks again.
Euclid Avenue Coodinator - Albany, NY

You are my first "thank you" because I just couldn't wait.
In fact, I ALMOST emailed you last night, but even my
 fingers were tired :) All I can say is hole-y wow.
The flowers were AMAZING!!!! People were complimenting
them ALL night and I even had MEN come up and talk
about the flowers!! My bouquet was awesome, the flowers
up by the altar were more pink and perfect than I could ever
imagine, the centerpieces were bright and fun and summery
and the escort table and gift table were PERFECT. Also,
the detail in the windows with the hurricanes and the ivy and
the bouquets -- wow. But the best thing may have been what
can only be described as a masterpiece. The decor on the fireplace
was one of the most exquisite arrangements I have ever seen. I
know my mom said that was your "special surprise" and, well,
let me just say that was the most perfect surprise EVER. Karen,
you really just did an amazing job and R and I BOTH were so
pleased. Any time he saw an element he liked he said "is that from
 Karen"? :) Yes, your reputation has leaked out. I can't imagine a
more perfect vendor to have shared our wedding day with and I
am so glad I got to see you before the ceremony.
Bride - June 2011 - Kristi Gustafson Barlette - Times Union On the Edge Blog 
Wedding at The Otesaga - Cooperstown, NY

The flowers were really beautiful - beyond expectations
(and I had really high expectations!). Many people came
up to us and told us how gorgeous the flowers were.
Thank you for working so hard to get me the flowers that I
had wanted. It really means a lot to us. Thanks again.
It was really great working with you and we are
beyond thrilled with how everything came out.
Bride - June 2011

Your flowers were spectacular and we all were
very impressed with your expertise. Fantastic!
Innkeeper/Owner - Glenmere Mansion - June 2011

The flowers were STUNNING. You did an absolutely amazing job.
EVERYONE was raving about them. I love the blog, it is so sweet.
It was an absolute pleasure working with you!
Bride - June 2011

Just got done seeing my wedding flower mock-ups with
Karen Castro Splendido of Splendid Stems. Meeting
 with her is my favorite part of wedding planning!
Bride-To-Be - June 2011 - Kristi Gustafson Barlette - Times Union On the Edge Blog
Wedding at The Otesaga - Cooperstown, NY

I love all our wedding vendors, but our florist is my absolute favorite.
Not only has she done a bunch of non-florist-like things –helping
me out when I had a wedding gown issue, offering me bridesmaid
dress suggestions (she’s one of three people who actually know
what the dress looks like) — but she’s  a fun, smart lady and
I’m so glad we found her.
Bride-To-Be - June 2011 - Kristi Gustafson - Times Union On the Edge Blog 
Link to this "On the Edge" Review
Wedding at The Otesaga - Cooperstown, NY

I just wantd to thank you again for everything that you did. I can not
put in to words just how beautiful the entire event was because of you.
Your talent is just amazing. Your flower arrangements and
bouquests are just exquisite rivaling anything I have ever seen.
Mother of the Bride - April 2011

Next to the actual getting married part, the flowers were my
favorite thing about my wedding. The arrangements that
 Karen put together were absolutely stunning-more beautiful
 than I had ever imagined. Karen had a lot of really creative
 ideas on how we could realize our vision for the day while
 staying within our budget. She designed a plan for our
 flowers that was specially tailored to what we wanted
 and even figured out how to build a small platform of
moss for us to put our place cards on! She was very
professional, responsive and paid close attention to all
kinds of details that I hadn't even thought of. I highly
recommend Splendid Stems for any couple planning a wedding.
 Bride - May 2010
Wedding at The Otesaga - Cooperstown, NY

We’re not getting married for 10 months, yet she’s already
gone above what most friends would do to help, not to
mention what someone with whom you only have a
business relationship would do.
Bride-To-Be - June 2011 - Kristi Gustafson - Times Union On the Edge Blog
Link to this "On the Edge" Review
Wedding at The Otesaga - Cooperstown, NY

Thank you so much for doing the flowers for our wedding.
  Beyond the fact that you made this part so easy for me,
 you have made our wedding what we hoped it would be!
Bride - October 2010
Wedding at The Calendar House - Hudson Valley, NY

Karen, thank you!! The flowers and everything else were amazing....
More beautiful than I could have imagined!
Groom - May 2010
Wedding at The Otesaga - Cooperstown, NY

Gorgeous! You did an amazing job, Karen.
Bride - May 2010
Wedding at The Otesaga - Cooperstown, NY

They were the most amazing and beautiful flowers I've ever seen!!
Bridesmaid - May 2010
Wedding at The Otesaga - Cooperstown, NY

Karen was kind enough to make a beautiful floral arrangement
for a silent auction we held in memory of a dear friend.
She asked me what Anna's favorite color and flower had been
and then she created the most amazing arrangement that made
everyone stop and take a second look. I would love to work
with Karen again and would highly recommend her to any and
everyone in the area!
Event Coodinator - April 2010
Clifton Park, NY

I still can't say enough about Michelle and Marc's wedding flowers you did. I'm always taking out pictures. Your work is beautiful.
Mother of the Bride - September 2002
Wedding in the Hudson Valley, NY

My flowers were beautiful. They were exactly what I was looking for.
Karen helped make suggestions on the types of flowers that would
work well together. It was a great experience working with her.
It was one less thing I had to worry about on my wedding day.
Bride - May 2002
Wedding in the Hudson Valley, NY 

Karen, aka, Splendid Stems, designed all the flowers for
my spring wedding. She appreciated the vision and theme
we had and realized our wildest dreams. She didn't
overlook a single detail and was professional from start to
finish. Our guests still rave about the beauty of Karen's
floral creations!!! Highly recommended!!!.
Bride - May 2002
Wedding in the Hudson Valley, NY

I use to own a Florist and Karen was the most talented designer I had.
She always put everything thing she had into her designs and strived to
create a unique, but elegant and beautiful arrangement for every
customer. I am glad to see her continuing to use her talents with her
own customer base. My customers always loved her passion for
flowers and more importantly her designs and I am sure her
customers will, too.
Employer - 1999-2001

It was a GREAT party. My daughter's flowers have lasted and
still look beautiful after one week. She has also shared with us
what she learned. It's a unique party idea but would also be
great for schools looking for afterschool enrichment ideas.
Mom of "Petal Party" attendee - June 2010

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